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In winter 2022, the Network for Long COVID Justice circulated a pledge asking friends, allies, and those affected to commit to Long COVID Justice and to end practices and policies that ignore and further marginalize disabled and chronically ill people. We assert that #PandemicsAreChronic because they last for years – via both new outbreaks and lasting harms to people’s health and wellbeing. Long COVID, pandemic-induced poverty, and grief are chronic, especially when left unaddressed and unresolved by a society pushed to move on. Read more about why pandemics are chronic here.

Resourcing the HIV Community to Face COVID & Long COVID

A graphic with a red background and white text that reads: "Resourcing the HIV Community to Face COVID & Long COVID in 2022 Project Report Findings, Recommendations, and Resources; May 2022." There is an image of a yellow flower on top of a blue background, created by artist Pato Hebert. The graphic also contains the names of the organizations involved in the report: The Network for Long COVID Justice, Strategies for High Impact, and Springboard HealthLab.

In February and March of 2021, we put together a set of events and assessments to resource the HIV community to face the ongoing COVID pandemic. We found that HIV communities have a widespread need and eagerness for information, resources and support on a range of issues and concerns about Covid-19 and Long COVID. Our project, designed for rapid implementation and analysis, included an online survey in English and Spanish; a multi-panel Zoom-based webinar in English, with Spanish and ASL interpretation and CART transcription; and a leadership meeting for program sponsors to discuss findings, recommendations and next steps. In designing the project components, we ensured that each conveyed accurate, accessible information while also collecting data and perspectives. 

Click here to download the full report. 

Vigilance in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic is essential to ensure the health and well-being of those of us living with HIV. Even as we approach the tragic milestone of 1 million COVID-related deaths in the United States, there is still much to learn about COVID-19, including the impacts of long COVID and the impact of COVID-19 breakthrough infections. This is especially true for people living with HIV. Elected officials must do everything in their power to prevent future infections and take care of those experiencing long COVID, and we as a community must work to hold them accountable.”

AIDS United, on our report

NYC Long COVID Justice 

Long COVID Justice is developing local working groups to build grassroots momentum. In New York City, organizer Gabriel San Emeterio has been convening twice monthly meetings with NYC-based long-haulers who are developing local policy recommendations.