Each spring, Long COVID Justice participates in Naming the Lost, an annual community memorial to the many losses of the COVID-19 pandemic featuring memorials from 20+ community groups from across New York City.

Photo of a black metal fence. Hanging from the fence are black signs with white lettering that say "Naming the Lost" in several languages. The fence is covered in brightly colored notes, many shaped like butterflies or hands.
Photo of a black metal fence covered in signs and colorful artwork, including a large black sign with white lettering that says “Naming the Lost” in several languages.

While most participating groups create memorials related to COVID-19, our memorials focus on losses from Long COVID and associated diseases (LCAD), and are created in collaboration with NYC community artists and organizers. Our memorials feature contributions from many New Yorkers living with LCAD, and include expressions of grief, hope, gratitude, and anger shared via powerful personal stories, poetry, and artwork.

Each May, the memorials are installed for viewing in Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, and there is an activation ceremony which is open to the public and available via livestream. Naming the Lost is hosted by City Lore, Mano a Mano: Mexican Culture Without Border, Great Small Works, and The Green-Wood Cemetery, with support from major grant from the Mellon Foundation.

Naming the Lost – 2024

Our 2024 project is focused on Long COVID in trans communities in New York City. Here’s how you can join us!

Are you a trans, nonbinary or gender expansive person living with Long COVID & associated diseases in NYC?

Let‘s channel our Long COVID rage, frustration & grief into protest art –

as COVID continues, as it continues to be minimized, as it continues to affect our trans communities at disproportionately higher rates.

For our memorial, we’ll make SIGNS OF PROTEST focused on Long COVID in our trans communities.

Signs for COVID/Long COVID protests that we were too sick to organize. Too sick to go to. That weren’t safe to go to. Signs for imagined futures, our sick dreaming. Signs as records of all the things we’ve wanted to scream from the rooftops.

What do you want to see on a protest sign? Submit your idea for words, images or symbols we may include in our memorial. Plus, join us for an art build!


Join us in any or all of these:

SHARE your protest sign ideas via this anonymous form.

JOIN US for an art build to put our ideas onto banners, posters, flags:

• May 1, 6-8pm, New School (Greenwich Village)

Register in advance.

• No experience necessary, all are welcome.

• Wheelchair accessible building, air purifiers, KN95+ or N95 masks required + provided


• Memorials will be on display at Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn

• Visit the memorials: May 3 – June 3

• Opening ceremony: Sun May 19 (attend on site or via livestream)

• Follow Naming The Lost for updates!


Long COVID is a Trans Issue resource page

Direct Action Toolkit for planning accessible, COVID-safer actions

• “Stay open to the wisdom of anger”- Powerful art & writing by Chi Nwosu

Naming the Lost – 2023

Video description: Stone steps outside a large stone building. On the left is ASL interpreter Brandon Kazen-Maddox, and on the right the Long COVID Justice NYC crew takes turns at the mic. There is a large display of flowers on the step below them.

New York City


A powerful video naming what we’ve lost to Long COVID and reaffirming our commitment to collective care and justice. “We’re here today to pledge to one another, and to pledge to our ancestors, that this is the beginning that will never end for us. We will stay together, and we will fight together, and we will rest together, because that is the way that we end pandemics.”

This video is excerpted from a longer presentation we gave at a community memorial ceremony on May 11 in Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, which is an annual event organized by Naming the Lost Memorials. Our featured speakers include Long COVID Justice NYC organizers and community members Una Osato, Anna Roberts-Gevalt, Jenna Bitar, and Long COVID Justice co-founder JD Davids, who worked alongside other LCJ-NYC members to create our memorial. ASL interpretation by Brandon Kazen-Maddox– follow their work on Instagram.

Watch video of the full ceremony here.

Transcription of featured speakers: “This is for everyone who will develop Long COVID. This is for our siblings who can’t afford to rest; who’ve been forced to go back to work, often under unsafe and inaccessible conditions. This is for the people who are experiencing brain fog a year or two later, but don’t have a name for it. This is for the people whose breathing never went back to “normal”, for the people whose hearts race mysteriously throughout the day. This is for the people who just can’t seem to stop feeling tired. This is for the people who have died of Long COVID. This is for all imprisoned people who are still sick. This is for people experiencing housing insecurity or are unhoused, too often overlooked, they lie down on the streets and are still sick. Disability justice continues to teach us, and we vow to leave no one behind. We move forward at the pace of our slowest, our most vulnerable. We will keep each other safe. So we’re here today to pledge to one another, and to pledge to our ancestors, that this is the beginning that will never end for us. We will stay together, and we will fight together, and we will rest together, because that is the way that we end pandemics. Thank you.”

If you’re interested in learning more about this and other projects, stay connected with our work by joining our Action Network list.