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View webinars here.

Support Groups

View our list of local, national, and international groups for people living with Long COVID and associated diseases, caregivers, family members, friends, and more.

For Journalists

Resource List for Journalists Covering Long COVID, Disability, and Complex Chronic Illnesses.

Guides & Toolkits

Resist Mask Bans!

Check out our resource list here.

Practicing Inclusion in the time of COVID

A brief guide for gatherings and call for disability solidarity, created by our parent organization Strategies for High Impact in partnership with What Would an HIV Doula Do? Available in English and Spanish, or share via social media: Instagram, Twitter. Have a story to share about using this guide with your group? Write us at [email protected]!

Organizing Toolkit to Keep Masks in Healthcare

This toolkit provides ideas for taking action and calling for mask requirements to continue in hospitals and other healthcare settings. Created by COVID Advocacy Initiative/Mandate Masks US and COVID Safe Campus with the support of Long COVID Justice and many other groups.

Prevention: Masks, vaccines, and more
Medical, self-care, and pacing resources

For people with a current COVID infection

For people living with LCAD + their supporters


The goal is to use layers of protection to prevent infection or reinfection.




  • Use to find providers that offer free COVID-19 vaccines through the Bridge Access Program. 
  • If you do not want to get an mRNA vaccine (Moderna or Pfizer) or had bad side effects, consider the Novavax vaccine. It is less widely available, though it is available at Costco (to non-Costco members!), Rite Aid, Publix and CVS and other places.




Check them out online or print and distribute in your community:
COVID-Safer Pride Guide from ACT UP NY

What’s Up with COVID and How to Protect Yourself, 2024 edition from Hazel Newlevant
Mask Up! We Need You – Palestinian Solidarity, COVID-19 and the Struggle for Liberation from Sheyam Ghieth and Rimona Eskayo


Long COVID may be 4 times more likely in people living with HIV. Check out our HIV & Long COVID webpage for resources and info.

Long COVID is a Trans Issue

Webinar recording, slides, and resource list can be found here.

For clinicians + medical providers

Share these with your providers – or if you’re a provider, share with your colleagues.

For researchers

Disability Resources

LCAD & Disability

Other resources

Additional resources coming soon.