DEC 19 2023

Last month we had such great response to our “Long COVID is a Trans Issue” event that we ran out of ~virtual~ space on Zoom for all the questions and attendees. So, we’re bringing back an informal session before the holidays, to collectively share resources, and identify the Qs being asked the most by our trans community.

We won’t have all the answers, and we certainly are no medical professionals, but we can organize around our concerns and continue to push for trans funding & programming at the forefront of Long COVID research.

➡️ Step 1: Check out the recording of the webinar on YouTube. You can also view the resource list and slides from JD’s presentation.

➡️ Step 2: Still have Qs that weren’t answered in the webinar? Submit them via this anonymous form, and we’ll try to address them in the Q&A!

➡️ Step 3: Register for the Q&A session, and then join us on Tuesday December 19 from 4-5pm ET.

Stay tuned for a Spanish & ASL version of the original webinar, we’re working to make these available.

More access notes:
• Auto captions
• Cameras optional
• Chat replies
• No flashing lights
• Resources will be emailed after the session
• Other access needs? Email [email protected]

NOV 15 2023

Video with background music (“Wildfires” by SAULT) and multiple slide images.


NOV 15 2023, 5:30-7:00 PM ET

Join us for an important conversation about Long COVID and disparities for the trans community hosted by Trans Equity with Long COVID Justice

Let’s talk about Long COVID, how we can take care of ourselves & each other, and why disability justice is essential to trans liberation.

Access Notes

  • Auto captions
  • Spanish interpretation
  • Webinar format / attendees are off camera
  • Bio break
  • Chat replies
  • No flashing lights
  • Resources will be emailed after the session
  • Recording will be available for 90 days for those who registered for the workshop
  • Other access needs? Email [email protected]

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NOV 16, 30, and DEC 14, 2023

Blue and green background with details about the webinar, and photos of the four presenters.


NOV 16 + 30, DEC 14 2023, 6:00-7:30 PM ET

Looking forward to another special event with PeoplesHub – the first event in the series features LongCOVIDJustice co-founder JD Davids & other amazing organizers!

Event news from PeoplesHub:

😷Join us for “Resisting COVID Denialism: Strategy Clinics for Organizers,” a series of 3 online clinics designed to connect organizers actively working against COVID denialism.

👉 We recognize that people have been resisting COVID denialism, often in relative isolation. These clinics are designed for collective strategizing and troubleshooting of common issues we face in doing this. We’ll work directly off of scenarios from participants’ own experiences with COVID denialism.

*️⃣ Participants are encouraged to attend the full series, as each session will build upon the next. The strategy clinic format will be a facilitated popular education space, relying upon the group’s knowledge.

@birch_sky @thecrankyqueer @longcovidjustice @notthreefifths

Access Notes

  • Auto captions
  • Interpreters + captioners available by request (via registration form)
  • Camera optional
  • This session will not be recorded, to protect participants’ privacy with whatever may be shared in the space!

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